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BACSA Stakeholder Report

April 2012

It is pleasing that the reported crime levels over the festive season, extending from November 2011 to end January 2012, showed an encouraging downward trend ? primarily as a result of the high police visibility and cooperation with the various sectors of business, including the retail, banking and cash security industries. The high level of cooperation between the Police and the business sector, which is a feature of the Festive Season Operation, is now standard practice and extends beyond this period to the full year.

The early part of 2012 saw President Zuma re-affirming Government?s commitment to ensuring the implementation of the current set of priorities, including the fight against corruption in State departments (State of the Nation Address, 9th February 2012). This commitment was made in the context of progress in the fight against crime since 2009, and the relative stabilisation of crime levels ? which is also supported by the experience of the business community. This emphasis on improving safety and security of citizens as a national priority is acknowledgement that the current levels of crime and violence are still unacceptably high. Government?s current set of programmes and priorities include the Criminal Justice System Review, in which BACSA plays an important part (see Programme #1 below).

The past two months has seen considerable media attention being devoted to crime related matters ? much of it unfortunately for the wrong reasons ? involving some of the leadership of the SAPS. Not surprisingly, this state of affairs has the potential to unsettle the Police and negatively impact moral and performance. Under these circumstances it would be difficult for the Police to continue their firm grip on crime and sustain the downward trend experienced over the past two years. This state of affairs remains of concern.

BACSA remains committed to supporting government in the national drive to reduce crime levels appreciably, and sustainably, and continues to chalk up significant successes in support of, and with, our government partners. Some of these are highlighted in the various sections below.

Restaurant ‘Scammer’

Good afternoon Wendy
I thought that I would drop you a mail telling you about a restaurant ‘scammer’ currently operating. I received an e-mail about a week ago from a gentleman enquiring about booking a dinner for  15 people for 3 consecutive nights. I have attached all the mails for your appraisal. I got a very suspicious feeling and decided to google his name, my suspicious were correct – this gentleman ‘Dr Allen Bradley’has been scamming restaurants all over the whole. Please will you pass this info to restaurant owners.

Have a look at this website:


Waitresses caught skimming

Cape Town - Five people, four of them waitresses at a Cape Town International Airport restaurant, have been arrested following a tip-off about credit card skimming, police said on Wednesday.National spokesperson Captain Dennis Adriao said the four, aged from 28 to 33, were arrested at a Spur outlet at the airport on Friday evening and had already appeared in court.The arrest, by the commercial crimes unit and airport police, followed a tip-off from Absa's fraud unit.Police found a "state-of-the-art" skimming device on one of the women.They had been able to link it to fraudulent withdrawals from four patrons' accounts totalling about R40 000.However it was likely that more people would come forward when they realised they had been fleeced, Adriao said.Those arrests were followed by that of a fifth person, a waiter at an upmarket Sea Point restaurant, over the weekend. The arrest was linked to the same device, he said.The waitresses were from Gugulethu and Nyanga on the Cape Flats, while the man from Philippi.Adriao said it was too early in the investigation to say whether they were working for a larger syndicate, or operating merely as a group.
He warned people never to let their credit cards out of their sight, and to be "extra cautious" about who they handed them to.
He said the skimming device confiscated from the waitresses could hold the details of up to 500 cards.It could be used to not only read cards, but clone them as well.
Possession of the device was in itself illegal, he said.


Kyalami Country Pub

We were robbed on Monday evening, 30 March 2009, after all the
customers had left, 3 or 4 guys speaking Zulu and Shona held my 2 staff
members with our own steak knives! They made away with a lot of equipment,
cash. Luckily no one was hurt.

Tsunami - Rosebank
16 September 2007
On Sunday evening, Tsunami in the Mall of Rosebank was held up by two armed men, who herded patrons and staff into the kitchen, where they proceeded to take cellphones, cash and car keys from them. While disturbing, what is more is that four weeks prior, the same restaurant was robbed the same way, by apparently the same men. It has one man I talked to furious, demanding that restaurants be forced to tell their customers when they have been robbed and what they are doing about it.

If you know of any robberies that have taken place in Joburg North in the last year please let us know by filling in our Report a Robbery form.

Scooters Pizza Robbery Survey
A list of stores that have been robbed in the past year:
Blairgowrie - Armed Robbery. No one was injured.
Ferndale - Armed Robbery. No one was injured.
Fourways - Armed Robbery. No one was injured
Melrose Crossing - Armed Robbery. No one was injured
Sunninghill - Armed Robbery, cashier was beaten up

Restaurant Fraud & Employees
The date today is Thursday the 26th of February. 2 weeks ago I started receiving faxes from Nedbank for people claiming against transactions that took place at my pub & restaurant. As these faxes became more frequent, I investigated, only to find out that one of my waiters was cloning credit cards, (with a machine that apparently fits between their fingers that you can hardly see, and they swipe customer’s cards and store information). The waiter was then coming back on other days, with numerous cloned cards, and swiping them under my floor limit for amounts of R200-00, R190-00 and figures around thereabouts. When cashed up he would obviously take my cash by handing in these credit card slips. Where his mistake came in, was the fact that he kept putting his waiter number on each transaction, which was confirmed, as these bogus transactions always took place on the day that he worked.

He has subsequently been arrested, and I’m awaiting the court date to do the necessaries. I have not confirmed all the transactions, but I’m guessing, from what I’ve found already, that he got away with over R10k.

My advice to restaurant owners, is make sure you have a portable machine, and customers insist on doing transactions in front of them, to avoid my headache. If you want, I can give you updates on my case.

Kind regards,

Rick Schoenlank

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The MCCI is dedicated to create an environment that promotes economic growth and business excellence in Midrand. This includes representing the business community on forums relevant to the local business community, or creating forums to look after the interests of business. The crime situation in South Africa has a severe impact on all our lives, including the business community. The MCCI created the BPF in 2007 to form a link between business, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department, the SA Police Service and all relevant safety and security organizations. The goal of the BPF IS:

  • To identify crime prevention initiatives
  • To form strategic partnerships with JMPD, SAPS, Community Police Forum
  • To strengthen the business community’s crime prevention ability

The BPF will also keep the Midrand business community up to date on crime trends, provide crime prevention tips and arrange events where business can learn how to safeguard themselves against crime.

Please complete the questionaire to help the Midrand Police help you.


Guests in hotels and restaurants and tourists in general are frequently easy targets for criminals. Unfortunately some of the criminals are working in the industry because they know how easy it is to steal from guests. But sometimes the guests are the crooks. Hotel & Restaurant editor Andrew Moth looks at the problems and offers some useful tips.

Restaurant Booking Scam

Hello Dear, I am Eddy Barrymoore .I want to book dinner for my group
of employees arriving from Glasgow Scotland. They will all come for
dinner in your place on May 7th,8th and 10th, 2008 by 7:00pm on each day. They
are 14 in number , I do not know what they might choose for their meals and
drink. so we would deposit to you the sum of 1,000.00GBP in advance as
initial deposit. All checks and balances will be made with you on 10th of May
which is the final day of the booking . Get back with your response if
there are availability in your restaurant. Best Regards , Eddy Barrymoore 460
Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JU Scotland. TeL:+447024092759
TEL:+447045733766 Fax:+447884514786 E:eddybarrymoore22@yahoo.co.uk

SARS Refunds

Please take note of the latest scam!

Emails received by taxpayer from an address refund@sars.gov.za with the subject line “Tax Refund” should immediately be regarded as a scam and IGNORED by taxpayers.
Taxpayers must NOT provide their banking details as requested in the email.
You will only receive email from support@sarsefiling.co.za