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Franchisors Join

  • Franchise listing withLogo/Banner with direct link to website/web page where necessary information can be posted on promoting the brand.
  • Co ordination of meetings specific to Industry relations.
  • Information on franchising trends especially food and restaurant industry
  • Exclusive meetings forums to tackle key industry issues.
  • Monthly calls for feedback and sms.
  • Access to all industry information and updates on legislation and involvement on key issues.
  • Personal group bank negotiation on rates 2% with Nedbank.
  • Approval as an accredited Franchisor with RASA.
  • Distribute black listed employees across Groups.
  • Rates as low as 1.85% debt cards & 2.3% credit cards with Sure Swipe, settle into any bank account. Terms and conditions apply.3 months free rental and free installation and the rate is dependent on your swipe but we do offer the best possible and competitive rates, terms and conditions apply
  • 2.1% credit card commission rate with Standard bank – terms & conditions apply with the banks.
  • 2.1% credit card commission rate with Nedbank terms & conditions apply.
  • American express 4% terms & conditions apply.
  • 3,1% rate with Diners Club (negotiable). Terms & Conditions apply.
  • FastNet in conjunction with Telkom provides all RASA with a unique Wi-Fi service- no cost to RASA members. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Industry related Pension & Provident Fund Packages with AON.
  • Business Insurance Packages with AON.
  • Restaurant ‘ Stats-on-line’ facility – Free to members.
  • Legislation advice and information – Smoking, legal, consumer, liquor, health and safety, minimum wage, labour relations and HR advice.
  • Compliance assistance and documentation.
  • Government representation objections and motivations.
  • Newsletters with tips, general and legal information.
  • Marketing opportunities at Indaba, Hostex and other trade expos
  • International trends and statistics
  • Free trade show tickets and publications
  • Crime watch notices- these have saved members thousands of Rands as forewarned is forearmed
  • Access to Rasa policies
  • Sample products and supplier vouchers discounts and new products
  • Preferential insurance rates
  • Preferential rentals on various machines fridges branding from patrons
  • Workshops & forums
  • Calender of industry events
  • Legal advice
  • Customer complaints feedback
  • Specialised Training Courses through member suppliers
  • SAT Welcome Campaign
  • Regular Workshops, Forums, Events & Networking opportunities
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Communication
  • Use of ‘Member of RASA’ logo on all your stationery, menu’s and websites
  • Supplier / restaurant mediation
  • Supplier / landlord mediation
  • Access to crime stats
  • Free trained staff
  • FastNet in conjunction with Telkom provides all RASA with a unique Wi-Fi service- no cost to RASA members. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Makro (Ottery) shopping discounts


  • Restaurant audits.
  • Menu revamps.
  • Training programmes waiter , barman, manager, barrister.
  • International trade shows – anuga; nra.
  • 94.7 cycle race discount booklet.
  • Dine for 2.
  • Dine with RASA.
  • Landlord negotiations.
  • New restaurant opening support.
  • Restaurant assist.
  • Rosetta awards.
  • Restaurant operational support.
  • Restaurant compliance assistance.
  • Redb staff verification.
  • Menu design costing engineering.
  • Breakfasts motivational courses golf days.
  • Industry surveys.
  • Market research.
  • Consulting at services.
  • Restaurants for sale.
  • Restaurant classifieds.
  • Restaurant promotions.

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